Case Type: Murder / Homicide

Case Title: State v. Ahmed

Charges: Murder 2nd Degree

Jurisdiction: St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Case Results: DISMISSAL

Case Summary: Mr. Ahmed was charged with Murder 2nd Degree and Aiding an Offender in a St. Paul shooting resulting in the death of an individual who was attempting to rob Mr. Ahmed and the passenger/co-Defendant of his vehicle.  Mr. Ahmed’s passenger shot the deceased while the deceased and a companion attempted to rob Mr. Ahmed and his passenger.  Mr. Whitlock argued Mr. Ahmed had a right to defend himself and flee the scene, if he believed he was being robbed at gunpoint.  The court ruled in favor of Mr. Ahmed stating he was innocent and acted in self-defense.  Mr. Ahmed did not receive any jail time (after turning himself in and making bail) as a result of this charge.

The co-Defendant who was represented by different counsel decided not to risk trial and plead guilty to Manslaughter.