Case Type: Murder / Homicide

Case Title: State v. Caldwell

Charges: Murder 2nd Degree

Jurisdiction: St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Case Results: ACQUITTAL

Case Summary: Ms. Caldwell was charged with four counts of Murder 2nd Degree and three counts of Manslaughter in the death of her 3-year old child.  Mr. Whitlock’s dissection and thorough review of the evidence revealed a third party perpetrator in Ms. Caldwell’s case.  The comprehensive research of Mr. Whitlock’s legal defense team provided Mr. Whitlock with key information he was able to use when conducting his cross-examination of the medical experts.  This evidence confirmed Mr. Whitlock’s theory that the third party perpetrator’s   actions led to the accidental death of Ms. Caldwell’s child.  Ms. Caldwell was acquitted on all seven counts.  Ms. Caldwell is a wonderful young lady and was absolutely innocent.  We pray she is able to put this matter behind her and find success in her life.  May God bless her and her family. The co-Defendant who was represented by different counsel was convicted in the case.  Although it is Mr. Whitlock’s belief, and the investigation proved, the co-Defendant did not cause the injuries to the child.