If you are arrested or charged with a crime, you need a skilled, aggressive and experienced attorney to protect your rights. Whitlock Law Office has successfully defended people facing felony and misdemeanor charges for over 18 years across the state of Minnesota and in federal court.

Whitlock Law Office understands the stress and anxiety you experience when facing criminal prosecution. Our personalized representation and commitment to communication ensures you are completely informed of all the developments in your case. We believe it is important for you to be engaged in your legal defense. Consequently, we welcome and encourage you to share your questions and concerns. Your intimate knowledge of the case combined with our legal expertise will assist you in making informed decisions about your case. Our honest and forthright representation ensures you understand the likelihood of success, as well as your options for successful resolutions.

Whitlock Law Office offers counseling and representation whether you are under investigation or charged with a state or federal crime. We also handle state and federal appeals, post-conviction relief cases, forfeitures and expungements. Call or email Whitlock Law Office today for a free consultation at (651) 221-1075 or whitlocklawoffice@comcast.net.

State and Federal Criminal Defense
Murder / Homicide

Drug / Narcotic Crimes

Firearms / Gun Crimes / Felon in Possession

Assault / Domestic Assault

Criminal Sexual Assault / Rape

Kidnapping / False Imprisonment

Burglary / Robbery

Terroristic Threat

Child Pornography

Criminal Vehicular Homicide

White Collar Crimes / Theft


Identity Theft / Fraud Crimes

Misappropriation of Funds

Property Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

Parole Violation / Probation Violation

DOC Hearings

Sentencing Hearings / Sentencing Departure Arguments

Plea Withdrawal Hearings


Arrest / Bench Warrants


Jail / Detox Motions and Release

Bail Motions / Arguments / Jail Release Petitions

Traffic Offenses

All Federal Crimes

All Felonies and Misdemeanors in State or Federal Court

All Attempted Crimes

State & Federal Criminal Investigation/Pre-Charge/Pre-Indictment

State and Federal Appeals
Post-Conviction Relief Cases

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.