Spokesman Recorder Article – Ira W. Whitlock, Esq.—-Mr. Whitlock enjoys donating his time to the community.  Once an inner-city youth himself, he has a special affinity for individuals in disadvantaged communities.  He volunteered as a basketball coach for the Jimmy Lee Recreational Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Mr. Whitlock also enjoys sharing his personal journey to inspire our youth.  He speaks at local schools, youth organizations and churches.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Edgewood Middle School (January 2015)

Tartan High School (January 2015)

Previous Speaking Engagements

Como Park High School

Hazel Park Preparatory Academy

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Boyz II Men Program

St. Peter Claver Church Pre-School Program

Tartan High School

University of Minnesota-Morris

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

What do our youth have to say about Mr. Whitlock?

  • I am so thankful you were able to come out and speak to my students.
    I am so thankful you were able to come out and speak to my students.  They still talk about you and bust out laughing when they explain the chant that you did at the end”
  • I’ve been thinking about trying law school
    “I had lots of fun learning about your job and what you do.  It was very interesting.  You made me and my group laugh.  After learning about your job I’ve been thinking about trying law school”
  • It was fun
    It was fun learning about your fights for justice”
  •  Really enjoy your career
    “I really enjoyed your career the most because out of all the other careers I actually laughed at your jokes”
  • Having a conversation with you, telling you about myself and you telling me about yourself and the company.  I really enjoyed listening to you.  You are very funny and friendly.  I would like for you to come again next year”
  • Thank you for coming to Career Day
    “Thank you for coming to Career Day and giving our school an opportunity to learn more about your company.  We really appreciate how you came and gave us information on the cases that you had and how you helped people solve their cases.  It was really interesting how you represent the people during their cases and in court”
  • It was better hearing it in person
    “It was a really fun day and it was great knowing the details about the recent news.  It was better hearing it in person than reading it online!”.
  •   “Thank you for sharing your company’s importance in America”