Case Type: Federal

Case Title: USA v. Vang

Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance

Jurisdiction: United States District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin

Case Results: PROBATION

Case Summary: Mr. Vang was charged with transferring a firearm with knowledge it would be used in a drug trafficking offense.  Mr. Vang was alleged to be a member of a Hmong drug trafficking organization distributing drugs throughout the United States.  He was also considered to be the gun purchaser and distributor for the organization.  Mr. Vang was also personally accused of being a distributor of ecstasy, although the organization was accused of distributing multiple forms of narcotics.  The alleged illegal enterprise had main hubs in California, Colorado, Minnesota, North Carolina and Wisconsin.  Mr. Vang was arrested by federal agents regarding his role in the alleged organization in Minnesota.  Mr. Whitlock was able to secure his release while the matter was litigated.  Mr. Whitlock also successfully convinced a federal judge of Mr. Vang’s minor role in the alleged illegal enterprise.  Ultimately, the judge agreed with Mr. Whitlock and sentenced Mr. Vang to probation for a term of 4 years.  Mr. Vang was facing at least 10 years in prison if convicted of the conspiracy related charges.  He was also facing additional time had the government pursued the gun distribution allegations.