Case Type: Assault

Case Title: State v. Hobbs

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree- Dangerous Weapon

Jurisdiction: St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Case Results: ACQUITTAL

Case Summary: Mr. Hobbs was charged with seven counts of Assault 2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon arising out of a situation with an individual who had borrowed his vehicle but refused to return it.  Mr. Hobbs contacted the St. Paul Police Department who refused to assist Mr. Hobbs in the recovery of his vehicle due to his alleged gang ties.  In fact, the police officer involved taunted Mr. Hobbs and told him to get his own vehicle back.  Consequently, Mr. Hobbs felt compelled to recover his own vehicle.  Mr. Whitlock successfully convinced a jury in what some have described as the best closing argument ever that since the authorities were unwilling to assist Mr. Hobbs in retrieving his property, he had a right to repossess the property himself.  The jurors returned Not Guilty verdicts on all 14 counts of Assault 2nd Degree.  Mr. Hobbs was facing 147 months (12.3 years) in prison.