Case Type: Assault

Case Title: State v. Faulkner

Charges: Felony, Domestic Assault, Probation Violation

Jurisdiction: Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota

Case Results: ACQUITTAL

Case Summary:  Mr. Faulkner was charged with Felony Domestic Assault, misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property 4th Degree and a Probation Violation.  Mr. Faulkner allegedly assaulted his child’s mother, after kicking her door off the hinges to gain access to her apartment.  The now discredited alleged victim gave inconsistent accounts of what actually took place.  After a vigorous cross- examination by Mr. Whitlock exposing her animus toward Mr. Faulkner and her inconsistent statements, the jury acquitted Mr. Faulkner of the Felony Domestic Assault charge.  However, the jury did convict Mr. Faulkner of the misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property charge.  Mr. Faulkner was sentenced immediately after the jury verdict.  The misdemeanor conviction meant Mr. Faulkner was in violation of the terms of his probation.  Mr. Whitlock successfully argued the court should not violate Mr. Faulkner’s probation.  Mr. Faulkner did not receive any jail time for the probation violation.  Mr. Faulkner was facing 60 months (5 years) in prison.