Case Title: State v. Doering

Charges: DWI 4th Degree – Under Influence – Controlled Substance

Jurisdiction: Olivia, Renville County, Minnesota

Case Results: DISMISSAL

Case Summary: Mr. Doering was charged with DWI 4th Degree-Under Influence-Controlled Substance.  Mr. Doering was accused of ingesting drugs which impaired his ability to drive.  Mr. Doering was allegedly stopped for speeding.  However, the stop morphed into a drug investigation.  Mr. Whitlock argued that the stop and search by the police was illegal and violated Mr. Doering’s 4th Amendment constitutional right to be free from illegal searches and seizures.  The court agreed with Mr. Whitlock and the evidence (DUI – drugs) discovered was suppressed and the case against Mr. Doering was dismissed.