Case Type: DUI / DWI

Case Title: State v. Balsimo

Charges: Criminal Vehicular Homicide, DWI 4th Degree

Jurisdiction: Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota

Case Results: PROBATION

Case Summary: Ms. Balsimo was facing Criminal Vehicular Homicide and DWI 4th Degree charges.  Ms. Balsimo and her best friend went out for a night of fun.  During the evening, both of them consumed a number of drinks.  Unfortunately, they did not have a designated driver.  After having what was otherwise considered a great evening, Ms. Balsimo made a bad decision to drive the two home.  While driving, Ms. Balsimo lost control of the vehicle which flipped multiple times causing the death of her best friend.  Ms. Balsimo decided not to put the victim’s family through a trial and plead guilty to Criminal Vehicular Homicide.  The Sentencing Guidelines directed the court to give Ms. Balsimo a prison sentence of 48 months (4 years).  Mr. Whitlock was able to convince the judge to sentence Ms. Balsimo, the mother of two young children, to 6 months in jail and probation for a term of 10 years.